A new home growing system called Grobo will allow homeowners in the city or small spaces to grow their own crops inside, reports Digital Trends contributor Lulu Chang.

The system allows users to customize and control their growing environment with a smartphone app that sets the wavelength and spectrum and 53 LED lights within the box. It also allows the user to set a watering schedule. The low energy system uses about as much electricity as a standard ceiling fan.

There’s no limit to the types of fruits, vegetables, and herbs you can grow with the Grobo. From your favorite salad greens to calming teas to seasonal fruits, Grobo invites its users to get creative with the system’s uses. And regardless of what you’re growing, the app will take care of all the heavy lifting for you. Simply select the plant you want to grow, and the Grobo system will run a pre-loaded and optimized grow recipe. And if you’re curious as to how your plants are doing during their growth cycle, you can check the Grobo app for variables like plant height, nutrient consumption, and more.

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