When Google bought Nest Labs in early 2014 for $3.2 billion, it also acquired a lawsuit Honeywell filed against the company for patent infringement on Nest's Learning Thermostat in 2012. Google and Honeywell announced recently they had settled the four-year long lawsuit. While details were not revealed, the two companies stated they now share a "long-term patent cross-license agreement reflecting the respective strength of the companies' patent portfolios."

When the suit was first filed, the dispute quickly turned ugly between Honeywell and Nest, with Nest CEO Tony Fadell calling Honeywell 'worse than a troll' and claiming the company wasn't after money, but was instead motivated to stifle innovation in the thermostat market. Fadell claimed Honeywell's own flagship thermostat showed "little more technological improvement to the flagship Honeywell thermostat than the replacement of a mechanical display with an LCD" in seven decades on the market, writes Rich McCormick for The Verge.

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