Following the success of the Amazon Echo, the company has announced the launch of two new voice-controlled home technology products, reports Fast Company writer Mark Sullivan. The Amazon Tap Bluetooth speaker, which is available for $130, and the $90 Echo Dot utilize the same technology as the Echo to bring Alexa, the voice inside the Echo that responds to homeowners’ requests, into the home in new ways.

The Amazon Tap is a Bluetooth speaker that will provide users with the ability to order music through Amazon Music accounts or Spotify, order a pizza for delivery, and will give weather or traffic information, news, answers to ad hoc questions—all through voice-commands to Alexa.

The Echo Dot is a small hockey-puck sized device that allows voice-interaction with the user in the same form as the Echo. The device connects to whatever system is already running in the home (for example, it will utilize Alex through the Amazon Echo or Tap).

Amazon has also announced a new partnership with Nest, which will allow home owners to speak voice-commands to control their Nest thermostats. See our related note here.

Finally, Amazon said it’s now selling its Alexa Voice Service (AVS) to other companies that want to make their products voice-activated. Amazon has made a huge business of selling Internet server space to businesses small and large with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the company is selling AVS in the same way, said Amazon Devices SVP Dave Limp in a recent media briefing.

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