iPort Focus Dana Innovations, parent company of leading in-wall speaker company Sonance, has formed a new division to focus on the iPort. The iPort is essentially an adapter that lets home buyers hook an Apple iPod into any audio system. System buyers can run a standard RCA audio/video jack from the iPort wall plate to an auxiliary receiver and then run a Category-5 wire from the wall plate to the iPort. The iPod rests in a cradle in the iPort. Cost: $598. Visit www.iportmusic.com for more information.

Latest Buzz The ZigBee Alliance passed an important threshold this spring when the wireless home-control standards group announced that four ZigBee-compliant semiconductor chips passed inter-operability tests. Products from Chipcon, CompXs, Ember, and Freescale Semiconductor participated in the program. This latest news was seen as a boon to ZigBee, which has been slow to market with new products. Moving forward, builders can be confident that thermostats and lighting products using chips from any of those companies can talk to each other. ZigBee is an Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers standard for wireless home networking. The standard was formally ratified last December.