BeON Home protection system (PRNewsFoto/BeON Home)
BeON Home BeON Home protection system (PRNewsFoto/BeON Home)

BeON Home is taking smart-lighting technology to a new level to prevent home invasions. 

The new wireless, Bluetooth-based home protection system consists of LED light bulbs with built-in rechargeable batteries, smart-modules, and a smart-phone app that allows users to control or check the system. The smart modules—which are hidden inside the bulbs—provide safety lighting in emergency situations and power outages, as well as home security by making it appear as if the owners are home, even if they aren’t. 

The bulbs respond to the natural movements of homeowners and their daily routines. The system’s “welcome home” feature allows users to turn lights on inside from the driveway via a one-touch button on the smart phone app. The bulbs also slowly fade off as family members walk from room to room or go up and down the stairs, so as to never leave any room dark as homeowners navigate throughout the house. 

BeON Home protection system bulbs & smart modules (PRNewsFoto/BeON Home)
BeON Home BeON Home protection system bulbs & smart modules (PRNewsFoto/BeON Home)

The intuitive system aims to trick intruders into thinking that owners are home to prevent a home invasion. The smart-modules mimic each homeowner’s routine movements and will replay them while the family is away to make it appear as if someone is in the home. 

The system also hears doorbell chimes (potential intruders often use ringing the doorbell as a method to check whether anyone is home), and will then sequentially turn on lights to make it look as if someone is waking up and moving throughout the house. 

The modules are also programmed to recognize fire and carbon monoxide alarms, and instantly turn on for emergency exit lighting. The BeON modules and rechargeable batteries provide power for backup lighting during a power outage.

BeON’s smart modules are always active and monitoring lights, even when the light switch is turned off. The bulbs are 75% more efficient than incandescent bulbs and provide 800 lumens, or the equivalent of 60 watts. With rechargeable batteries, the lights can last up to 22 years. The system is priced at $199 and comes with three bulbs, three smart modules, and the free mobile app for iOS, but will soon be also be available for Android. Individual BeON bulbs and modules are available at $75 each.