Builders in busy Texas markets have found a new way to differentiate their homes by wooing buyers who are concerned about the security of their important papers, jewelry, and firearms.

Working with Dallas-based Safe and Secure Home Solutions (SSHS), a number of North Texas home builders offer in-home safes and permanent security products for purchase and installation as options for their buyers. 

The need for these types of products is clear: According to Chase Bank, Dallas-area bank branches that provide access to safe deposit boxes on nights and weekends can have a three- to four-year waiting list. In addition, the NRA estimates that only 20% of gun owners have a gun safe.

Home safes are quickly becoming a necessity for personal safety and a convenient addition for new home buyers, says Ryan Wilcox, SSHS cofounder, and builders can use this need as a way to stand out from their competition. SSHS offers builders a convenient turn-key process that takes away any additional work for the builder—the SSHS team delivers and permanently installs the safe in the home during the final construction phase.

By partnering with SSHS, builders can offer their clients an exclusive line of Browning safes in a variety of sizes, featuring the industries’ best burglar rating, minimum one-hour fire protection and a two-year service warranty and maintenance plan. These safes are securely bolted into the floor of the new home and are permanent fixtures.

“Builders have an opportunity to position themselves as thoughtful leaders in the marketplace offering consumers a new standard in home security convenience,” says SSHS cofounder Michael Schneider.