At the 2017 International Builders' Show last week in Orlando, Fla., Gutterglove, Inc. unveiled the industry's first gutter guard that is certified to harvest rainwater for drinking. The gutter guard has received the first ever certification through Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for NSF P151 and NSF 372, which means the water is safe for human consumption.

The gutter guards are made of stainless steel micro-mesh and keep out leaves, pine needles and tiny roof sand grit from the gutter. This eliminates the need to clean gutters, all while collecting rainwater in a harvesting system.

The gutter guard is certified in two ways by UL for NSF P151, which covers the health effects from rainwater catchment system components and NSF 372, which covers lead content analysis. The system could prove to be especially useful in drought-prone areas of the country, such as California.

“It’s pretty exciting to be the first ever gutter guard to obtain this type of recognition”, says Robert Lenney, gutter guard inventor and CEO of Gutterglove.