Google Fiber space in Austin
Google Fiber space in Austin

Google Fiber was launched several years ago, and since then, Larry Page and his time have been hard at work implementing the concept of Wi-Fi for everyone. In places where it's been installed as a testing ground, it has redefined the speed of internet and increased competition from local providers.

However, its expansion into new cities has been slow. Google is trying to change that. Kansas City recently approved Google's plan to install wireless antennae on streetlight poles to expand the internet connection, and Google hopes to expand that experiment to Atlanta, George, Austin, Texas, and Provo, Utah.

In Kansas City, the first place Google Fiber offered its service, Google was able to cut its deployment costs by negotiating deals to run its cables along existing utility lines. But the company hasn’t had as much luck gaining access to utility poles in other cities. For example, AT&T sued to prevent Google Fiber from accessing its utility poles in Louisville, Kentucky.

That could be a big part of why Google appears to be shifting its focus to wireless technologies, which, in theory, should be much cheaper to deploy and could eventually offer speeds that are competitive with fixed line fiber optic connections. Google Fiber recently delayed its plans to deploy fiber in Silicon Valley andPortland, Oregon, and is reportedly considering offering wireless Internet access instead.

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