Google, or actually its parent company Alphabet, is one step closer to world domination.

Alphabet's Google Fiber business, which offers high-speed, fiber internet to business and apartments, announced plans to acquire Webpass, a direct competitor with services in five cities. The deal provides Google Fiber a stronger foothold in the residential and commercial real estate worlds, and could signify the company's way to the top by gobbling up its rivals - much like Alphabet has done with several other businesses.

The biggest benefit the acquisition brings to Google Fiber is Webpass's foothold in apartment buildings.

A big hurdle for Google Fiber’s expansion across cities is getting a foothold in large apartment buildings. Big broadband incumbents, like Comcast and Time Warner Cable, often sign multi-year deals locking their service into those buildings. Webpass has focused much of its residential business on apartments.

They’ve also focused on commercial offerings, providing internet — which ranges from 100 megabits per second to one gigabit per second — to businesses. Although Google Fiber began with laying pipes into homes, it has recently tried to ramp up its commercial offerings.

And Webpass would give Google Fiber subscribers in two new markets: Miami and Boston. Webpass also provides service in Chicago, San Diego and San Francisco, where Google Fiber has announced plans to expand.

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