General Motors wants to turn its workers into robots.

Okay, not really. But the company does want to introduce the Roboglove to its factory workers, says WIRED writer Alex Davies. The power-assisted glove was inspired by a real-life space robot.

NASA and GM teamed up to build the Robonaut 2, a robot built for tasks too dangerous or demeaning for humans, on the International Space Station. Now, GM has taken technologies from the Robonaut 2 and is working with Swedish med-tech company Bioservo to create a glove with pressure senors and actuators that mimic nerves and muscles. The glove will know when the hand inside it is picking something up. It's gentle enough to handle eggs but firm enough to maintain a strong grip, so you aren’t wasting energy holding your hammer.

Continue to WIRED to see a video of the Roboglove in action.

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