Amazon is getting closer to helping consumers wipe out their errands list.

Last year, Amazon launched its Dash buttons that, when pushed, automatically order a specific product like laundry detergent. In a few days, replenishments show up at consumers' doorsteps so they can't forget it when they grow grocery shopping - although Amazon is also attempting to take over grocery shopping altogether.

GE's newest dishwasher is one of the first appliances to integrate with Amazon's Dash services. The company's new line of appliances are now Wi-Fi connected, and with the simple touch of a button, users can order more dish detergent when they notice they're getting low.

Through GE's Kitchen app, customers simply link to their Amazon accounts, select the type of dish detergent they want to order, and then choose the amount to order. Then each time they press the button on their dishwasher, a pre-programmed order will show up on their step in just a few days - or hours if Amazon gets its delivery drones working and approved in the near future.