Remodeling contributor Charles Wardell presents a selection of five new products that go the extra mile to keep builders safe on the jobsite.

For improved eye and ear protection, Rockler’s Bench Dog Sound Shield Safety Glasses combine anti-fog eye wear with earplugs that are tethered to the frame. Or Honeywell’s new Uvex Livewire googles are sealed to provide fog-free vision on the jobsite. The Uvex HydroShield coating can prevent fogging more than 60 times longer than competitive anti-fog coated products and has twice the scratch resistance, according to the company. The last option, SoundVision eye protection from FullPro Protective Gear, combines safety glasses with earmuffs, which can improve sound protection up to seven decibels compared to regular goggles that are used with separate earmuffs.

For handling materials on site, the layered construction of Safety Today’s new high-visibility Brass Knuckle SmartShell gloves conform to the users hand and include flex points in the fingers, wrist, and palm.

With his last selection, Wardell presents Bosch Power Tools' Speed Clean Bits, which are hollowed out and include a vacuum port for dust extraction to allow for dust-free drilling. The vacuum port also cuts drilling time by 25% to 50%.

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