We live in the age when consumers may personalize their sneakers, cars, and home furniture. Now solid surfacing powerhouse DuPont is joining the party with a custom color countertop program. The Wilmington, Del.-based manufacturer, which already offers more than 130 standard colors in its Corian solid surface product line, recently unveiled a program allowing home buyers to choose Corian countertops in almost any color, texture, and finish they desire.

“Today everything is about customization,” says Alan Hubbell, marketing manager for DuPont Surfaces. “From personal technology to furniture and clothing, personalized options are standard because consumers place such a premium on individuality."

Hubbell continues, “Consumers value having the ability to truly create unique and inspirational spaces within their home, ranging from kitchen and bathroom countertops, to backsplashes, wet bars, tub decks, and tub and shower surrounds.”

A custom color program is clearly a benefit for consumers—especially those with wild imaginations—but presumably it can help builders, too, Hubbell says, by allowing them to offer a special option to buyers.

“In order to stay competitive in this market, it is important for builders to be on the cutting edge of design,” Hubbell explains. “DuPont is passionate about providing solutions for builders, giving them a means to differentiate themselves through unique and customized options for the homeowners. This offering from DuPont provides one more way for home builders to build unique and exclusive homes for their customers."

The Custom Color Program is fairly straightforward, but it does differs slightly from the typical procedures for getting a Corian solid surface top. Normally, a buyer simply picks a color, and the top arrives in a few weeks for installation. Under the custom color Corian program, builders or homeowners would have to visit a local authorized DuPont Corian kitchen and bath retailer and provide a swatch with their color choice. Within two weeks, they will receive a Corian color chip for approval. If the color is approved, a perfectly matched countertop would be delivered and installed in four to eight weeks.

Any certified Corian fabricator is able to fabricate, install, and service the Custom Color countertops, but there is one catch for those who want such personalization: purchase cost. “There is a price difference due to the level of customization,” Hubbell acknowledges. Corian usually ranges from approximately $40 to $80 per square foot installed, but tops obtained through Custom Colors may range from $100 to $200 per square foot. 

“Pricing will vary based on quantity and color complexity (solids vs. particulates) and size of the project,” Hubbell adds.

Nigel Maynard is senior editor, products, at BUILDER magazine.