Swedish firm Altered has created a new faucet attachment that promises to reduce the amount of water used for everyday tasks such as hand or dish washing. The firm claims that when you're running the faucet, most of the water ends up going down the drain without being used. Which is why they created the Altered:Nozzle, which turns the water into a fine mist, reports New Atlas contributor Ben Coxworth.

The company claims that the technology saves a whopping 98% of water with no loss in functionality. The brass device can be attached to any existing faucet in about 30 seconds. It will retail for about $38 if the company reaches the production stage.

When set to its Mist mode, it uses 0.18 liters (.05 US gallons) of water per minute. Although only about 2 percent the flow rate of an unadorned tap, the increased surface area created by the high-speed mist reportedly allows it to perform tasks such as washing and rinsing just as effectively.

Filling a glass with water in that mode, however, takes two or three minutes. Because of that, the nozzle can be switched over to a Saver mode, which is still more efficient than using no nozzle at all, but that increases the flow rate to 3 liters (0.8 gal) per minute.

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