Coyote Outdoor Living: CCX4 Grill
The grill is the centerpiece of any outdoor kitchen space and the gatherings that occur in it. The CCX4 is a four burner, stainless steel grill. The spacious 36" model has a double walled hood and a warming rack. Interior lights allow for extra ease-of-use when spending summer evenings outside grilling.

The Galley: Ideal Workstations
Cooking outdoors can be a family affair while gathered around the new Ideal Workstations from The Galley. The stainless steel workstations are designed with interchangeable accessories so users can customize their kitchen space with built-in colanders, mixing bowls, and cutting boards. Various models are available from two to seven feet long and workstations are built with a 10" deep stainless steel sink. The workstation can be installed in countertops, making it an ideal addition to combine cooking and entertaining in any outdoor kitchen space. –LS

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet: Gaucho Grill
Perfect for traditional and authentic outdoor cooking in the summer months, the new gas-burning Gaucho Grill from boasts a sleek stainless steel finish that gives a modern update to the classic Argentinian/Santa Maria-style cooking method. The cooking surface cradle is raised and lowered by a 30-inch spoked wheel, so the interchangeable cooking surfaces—with options for vegetables, meat, and fish—and rotisserie roaster can be adjusted for high temperature searing or slow, low-temperature cooking. Your patio will stay clean too—the Deep Hopper funnel directs debris and collects it in an easy to clean bin. The grill is available in two stand-alone options and one built-in model. And for more ways to give your outdoor meals a wood-fire taste, check out Kalamazoo's newest product, the Artisan Fire Pizza Oven. www.kalamazoogourmet.comLS