IF YOU WALK THROUGH MOST NEW SUBDIVISIONS today, you'll see house after house clad in typical colors such as sand, almond, and white—perfectly fine, perfectly boring. Home buyers who want to shake things up can now turn to Pittsburgh-based Alcoa Home Exteriors, which has introduced a new color program and a new Web-based design center that is sure to satisfy even the most eccentric taste.

“Similar to the interior of their homes, homeowners crave more color choices and accents for the exterior of their homes,” says Gary Acinapura, president of Alcoa Home Exteriors.

The DreamColor program consists of a line of premium vinyl siding in 700 baseline colors and is accompanied by Studio A, the company's new online design center that offers a color-matching service. The service allows contractors to “offer their customers professional design services to take the guesswork out of how their houses will look with new siding and accessories,” Acinapura says.

With Studio A, buyers can provide pictures of their homes to a professional designer who will then customize an exterior solution based on the buyers' architectural tastes and color preferences. And just in case a buyer wants a color that is not in the collection, the new matching system allows virtually any color siding, shutters, or accents.

For more information on DreamColor or Studio A, visit www.alcoahomes.com.