A new device from SureCall incorporates WiFi and HDTV with its usual cellular signal booster package all in one device. Introduced Monday at the International Consumer Electronics Show, the patent-pending Fusion7 will be available at the end of first quarter 2015.

A number of factors can cause homes to have less than adequate cell coverage, says director of sales and marketing Curtis Burkhart, including the surrounding landscape, distance from a cell tower, or the materials used to build the home. SureCall uses signal amplifiers to increase the strength of cellular and wireless connections, which is especially important as households acquire and rely on an increasing number of Internet-connected products—from individual mobile devices to smart electronics integrated into the home itself.

“Everything is going the way of cellular telecom, and passing that data is all based on whether there’s adequate signal,” Burkhart says. “Data flows best on signal that is 75 percent or better, and optimally flows at a much higher signal, so even people that have adequate signal for cell phone calls may not have a good enough signal for adequate data transfer.”

All-In-One Package

The Fusion7 comes in a variety of installation kits for convenient setup by homeowners. It can also be even more easily incorporated by builders into new homes for a low-profile and low-effort home upgrade, says Burkhart. 

During construction, coax cable is simply run from an outside antenna down to the amplifier, usually discreetly placed in a garage or a utility closet, he says. From there, cable is run to an interior antenna. 

“At the building stage, there’s lots of ways [the antennas] can be installed. Builders can make them recessed like can lighting or otherwise hidden if they choose to do that. Otherwise, it’s about as obtrusive as a smoke detector,” Burkhart says.

SureCall’s 5-band technology combines PCS and cellular dual bands with AWS and two LTE frequencies for a complete 2G-4G voice and data enhancement solution. The system supports up to 10 simultaneous users; with a maximum gain of 72dB, coverage can reach up to 6,000 square feet. When connected to an Internet router, the device’s WiFi amplifier improves and extends wireless coverage over the same 6,000-square-foot range. The WiFi booster helps provide faster upload and download speeds, enhances streaming capability, the company says, and is compatible with all 2.4G routers and supporting 802.11 protocols.


In addition, consumers who want to receive local broadcast stations in HD quality but do not have cable or satellite TV—a growing population due to the popularity of streaming services—can benefit from the HDTV booster, which receives all locally-aired HD television stations and delivers those signals to as many as four televisions. 

The Fusion7 provides network protection features including an energy-saving technology that allows the booster’s uplink circuitry to go into a sleep mode when not being used and is covered by a three-year warranty.