CFL Light Bulbs were once among the most popular forms of alternative illumination; however, that has recently changed and GE Lighting will be removing the product at the end of this year.

Fast Company writes that LED lighting is now the favored energy-efficient household product. LED lights last longer than CFL's and they don't need to be bought as frequently as CFL's do. The push towards LED is a part of GE's plan of smart connected lighting to the Internet of Things.

"We’re really at the tipping point where the proportion of LED sales will outweigh CFLs by the end of the year," says Daraius Patell, North America Consumer Lighting Leader at GE.

"The CFL consumer has always made a [performance] sacrifice to leverage energy efficiency," Patell says. "All the reasons why consumers didn’t like CFLs, LEDs solve; for all the reasons consumers loved CFLs, LEDs do better."

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