By BUILDER Magazine Staff. Most builders may think that pre-wiring their communities with Cat-5e cabling, which supports 1-gigabit voice and data transmission, is more than enough. But Genesis Cable Systems is pushing the standard even further with the release of CatLink 6 Plus, Cat-6 cabling that supports up to 10-gigabit transmission speeds. To give some perspective on how much bandwidth we're talking about, only Fortune 100 corporations and large government research institutions use 10-gigabit backbones for their corporate networks. Genesis says builders looking to warranty their home networking infrastructure over 15 years may want to look at Cat-6 as a way to "future proof" homes to handle streaming video for HDTV or future Web applications. CatLink 6 Plus costs 25 percent more than Cat-5e, which usually sells for about $100 for a 1,000-foot reel. Call 800-222-0060 for information.