Stu Robarts at New Atlas profiles the Helios modular LED lighting system, which magnetically pieces together hexagonal LED light units on a wall. The individual lights can be turned on and off just by touching them. The modules measure 11 centimeters across and are .4 inches thick, and can be attached to the wall using either nails or adhesive pads. The magnets between each piece double as electrical connections, allowing power from one module plugged into an adapter to be relayed between up to 105 linked modules.

Dyena, the firm behind the Helios system, explains that the aim is for users to be able to turn the interior architecture of a space into a light source. A few of the modules could be use together at a desk to provide light when working or a whole wall could be covered in them. Each 6.3 W unit is said to produce 400 lm, which is about the same brightness as a 40 W incandescent bulb or a 6 W LED bulb. Each module added, therefore, will be like lighting a room with an additional bulb and up to 105 modules can be joined together in one circuit. A display can be bigger than 105 modules, but they must be on different circuits.

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