Sierra Pacific Windows has launched a new lift and slide door system designed to create large openings while affording maximum performance. The new system allows for doors as large as 23 feet wide and 10 feet high.

Lift and slide door systems, which are popular options for larger expanses of glass, offer several advantages over conventional sliding doors or multi-slide systems, including unencumbered views; smoother opening and closing; increased energy savings due to optimized door sealing; and space savings over traditional swing doors or bi-fold systems. The smooth sliding panels, which feature a wood interior and aluminum clad exterior, can stack on one or both sides of an opening.

Sierra Pacific’s new line offers an advanced weeping system that is ideal for areas with rainfall exposure. This provides a very low profile leg on the interior sill to allow for a more modern design. Additionally, a full KD frame drops into a built-up sill, which enables an easier install and eliminates potential operational issues, the firm says.