A new line of pet doors facilitates easy entry into a home for cats and dogs while keeping unwanted hot or cold air outside.

The doors from Freedom Pet Pass have achieved default label approval from the California Energy Commission (CEC), which indicates that they meet the stringent energy-efficiency standards outlined in California's Title 24 rules for residential construction. Freedom Pet Pass dog and cat doors are the first and only pet doors to receive this approval, according to the company.

To qualify for the CEC label, the doors underwent a series of official tests at Architectural Testing Incorporated, an independent third-party laboratory that tested the doors for air leakage and resistance to heat transfer. The test results are documented on the CEC label and show that Freedom Pet Pass doors are 10 times more energy-efficient than the CEC requirements for pet doors.

The doors' airtight seal is strong enough to withstand windy weather, yet easy for even a small cat to open, thanks to a combination of proprietary magnet technologies and a unique double flap design. They are tested to withstand the equivalent of a 25 mph wind, yet let pets enter and exit with no effort by "unzipping” the seal when  they want to enter or exit.