Digital printing technology is bringing custom interiors to home owners, no matter what their budget is says Katherine Salant in this article for the Washington Post. Home owners can now design their own fabrics, wallpapers, and flooring patterns by uploading their original artwork or chosen patterns to a participating manufacture's website.

Salant tried her hand at designing her own custom fabrics and wallpaper based on a drawing from her daughter through, which offers a preview feature that allows you to see what the wallpaper design would look like in a furnished room. She writes:

When I tried my hand at “digital decorating” I quickly realized that it would take some time to learn my way around, and the results would not be featured in a home decor magazine. But they would be imbued with something that no professional could ever offer: They would be something I created. I designed fabric (for $17.50 to $38 a yard) and wallpaper on, the only website I found that offers both of these options. Spoonflower has published the extremely helpful “The Spoonflower Handbook” (2015, Stewart, Tabori & Chang, $27.50), but there is no option for connecting with a real person if you get stuck.

Continue reading for more on her experience with customizing home decor through a number of other sites that offer the service.

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