Look Sharp Builders looking to offer high-quality HDTVs at competitive prices should check out Sharp's Aquos LCDs. The company recently rounded out the Aquos line with the addition of televisions in sizes of 42, 46, and 52 inches. All the units feature 1080p resolution, the highest-quality form of HDTV available. Sharp had already been selling Aquos TVs in sizes of 37, 57, and 65 inches. List prices for the new models are $2,500 for the 42-inch unit, $3,500 for the 46-inch, and $4,800 for the 52-inch. Visit www.sharp.com for more information.

Heartbeat Away Eaton Corp. is trying to drive sales of Home Heartbeat, its wireless security and home control system based on the ZigBee standard, by making its products available online at the CompUSA and The Home Depot Web sites and at select stores of the two retailers nationwide. Products available include open-and-close sensors for windows and doors, garage-door sensors, a water sensor, and a wireless water-shutoff controller. A starter kit sells for $169. Visit www.eaton.com for more information.