At an event in New York City on Monday night, celebrated inventor Ray Kurzweil spoke with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson about the future of artificial intelligence, and well, he says it's going to beat out human intelligence by 2029. The trick, he says, is computers will be able to master emotions and personality.

CNN's Jose Pagliery and Hope King say the two men talked about the possibility of nanobots taking over and being accessible to everyone in just a matter of years. They'll get smarter, the price performance will double every year, and the tech will inevitably get cheaper.

Even if Kurzweil thinks AI will probably replace many of today's workers, he's optimistic about future jobs for humans. But when Tyson pressed him to name specific jobs, Kurzweil was stumped. After all, no one in 1910 could predict today's computer chip designers and website developers.

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