No one pays much attention to the bottom track of their shower door - until they step on it. To alleviate stubbed toes and offer a more comfortable user experience all around, Sterling has introduced ComforTrak technology on its Prevail tub and shower doors. The flexible bottom track is ideal for aging-in-place and universal design projects, providing a cushioned threshold that makes it safer and more comfortable for users to sit, lean, or kneel on the track when bathing a pet or loved one.

ComforTrack is made from heavy-duty TPVC, which the maker says stood up to rigorous product testing and will outlast day-to-day wear and tear and cleaning with mild cleaners. Installation of Prevail doors with ComforTrack will be the same as usual with one extra step. After the door is mounted, installers will press the ComforTrack component presses onto the aluminum bottom track to seal it into place. The ComforTrack piece that ships with the door will come longer than needed so installers can trim it to fit.

The Prevail door series is available in silver or nickel finishes, and users can choose from frosted, clear, pebbled, or Templar glass patterns. Look for a version for frameless shower doors coming soon. Sterling | 800.783.7546 |