Since the recent Lumber Liquidators controversy surrounding high levels of formaldehyde in Chinese-made flooring, builders and remodelers across the country have been inundated with questions about the chemical and the danger it poses to indoor air quality. A new web site from the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) can help answer these concerns.

The Formaldehyde Resource Center serves as a hub of information regarding formaldehyde, including: frequently asked questions, tips on finding an industrial hygienist to assist in testing and analyzing results of testing if there is a concern of high levels of formaldehyde in the home, and other additional resources. The website also provides expert answers to many of the issues that are concerning to homeowners and others about the potential of formaldehyde in pressed wood products. Some of the questions it addresses include:

--How can I reduce airborne formaldehyde concentrations in my home? 

--How do I test for the presence of formaldehyde in the air? 

--How do I find a consultant or expert to help me?