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Zip It - THE ZIP SYSTEM, ITS MAKER SAYS, MEANS YOU NOW CAN BUILD A house without roof underlayment. ZIP consists of ½-inch OSB panels with a built-in moisture barrier and tape for seams, valleys, and ridges. It eliminates roofing underlayment, felt paper, and H-clips, which results in a significant time savings, the manufacturer says. The system can be exposed for 90 days before shingles are applied. It is also available for exterior walls. Cost: $12 to $15 for roof panels. Huber Engineered Woods. 800-394-2675.

Flame On - THE FUEGO 01 IS A MODERN DEPARTURE FROM THE traditional outdoor grill. Measuring 42 inches wide, the unit has a fully retractable stainless steel lid, a modular storage system, electronic controls, and a teak and slate countertop. Hidden swivel wheels provide mobility, and a hybrid cooking system allows gas, gas-fired infrared, and traditional charcoal. Cost: $1,900 to $2,900. Fuego North America. 415-558-7151.

Column Cover - WRAP 'N' SNAP COLUMN COVERING TRANSFORMS A treated post into a finished unit. The product has premitered corners and locking grooves. It is made of cellular PVC, so it will not peel, rot, or dent, the company says. The product is available in five sizes: 4 by 4, 4 by 6, 6 by 6, 8 by 8, and 10 by 10 inches. Cost: $65 to $185. Royal Wood. 866-899-3320.

Magnetic Attraction - THIS TAPE HAS A MAGNETIC TIP THAT ALLOWS ONE PERSON to take and record measurements over longer spans on steel studs. The company says the tip can also be used to pick up screws, nuts, and bolts. It also has an end hook that can be used to measure pipe, conduit, or flat surfaces and has scales on both sides for easy reading. Cost: $22 to $27.80. Milwaukee Electric. 800-729-3878.

Redi Made - A BUILT-UP MASONRY SHOWER PAN IS AN EXCELLENT OPTION for tile installation, but it is time consuming and labor intensive. Tile Redi offers a solution. Offering a lifetime leakage warranty, the product, a one-piece shower stall pan, allows tiles to be directly applied to all areas of the pan and reduces installation time. Available in different shapes, it slopes to the drain at ¼ inch per foot. Cost: from $315. Tile Redi. 800-232-6156.

That's a Wrap - DELTA-DRY IS PERHAPS THE MOST UNUSUAL HOUSE-WRAP on the market. Unlike traditional products, the heavy polyethylene sheet has dimples and channels to block and drain moisture. Impervious to wind, the silver membrane reflects radiant heat, the company says, so it will help maintain indoor climate. It is available in rolls measuring 39 inches by 50 feet. Cost: 50 cents per square foot. Cosella-Dorken Products. 888-433-5824.