ONE OF THE BIGGEST OBSTACLES to jobsite recycling has been finding the organizations that accept drywall, carpet, asphalt roof shingles, appliances, and other demolition byproducts. Now, by logging on to the Construction Waste Management Database Web site ( you get a one-stop reference to help rid yourself of tons of landfill-bound debris, while at the same time doing less environmental harm.

The site, created by a consortium of government agencies as part of their “Whole Building Design Guide,” allows you to look up specific types of recycling agencies by state or by zip code—giving you not only the name of the nearest company but all of its contact information, including e-mail address, and a list of services offered, as well. Based on a number of searches on the database, there appears to be one drawback: In some categories, such as “Salvaged/Surplus Materials for Reuse,” the database comes up empty.

Along with the database, the site offers links to case studies, a review of federal mandates, and model building codes. It also includes links to various green building topics and technologies. But these are just the icing on the Construction Waste Management Database cake. As construction and demolition landfill costs rise, and more landfills close, identifying all of the recycling options in your area could not only do less harm to the environmental, it could also save on your bottom line.