Special handling: The door hardware inside the home also comes from Kwikset. Product lines include the Bedford and Windham knob, Savannah French Door Combinations, Pembroke, Tulane, and Hampshire Levers, each available with a low-profile deadbolt. Other designs in the Society Brass Collection include the Tiana, Shelburn, Amherst, Wellington, and Hawthorn handlesets, each with a lifetime warranty.

Rugged roof: Architectural roof shingles from Owens Corning come with a 40-year warranty. The shingles consist of several layers, including two fiberglass mats bonded between layers of weathering grade asphalt. Heavier and thicker than standard three-tab shingles, they tend to hide surface discrepancies well. The shingles come with a Class A fire rating and have a wind resistance rating of up to 110 miles per hour.

Perfect swing: The in-swing patio doors provided by Windsor Windows & Doors include both single and bi-hinge models. The hinges can be adjusted after installation for fine tuning of door swing, and the doors feature multi-point locks for added security. Made with a core of laminated veneer lumber, they have a solid, heavy feel and include "drainaway sills to deflect water.

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