Benjamin Obdyke has strengthened its line of moisture management solutions with the release of FlatWrap UV housewrap.

Formerly known as FlatWrap HP, the new and improved product is specially designed for use with architectural designs that incorporate open joint claddings. When used in conjunction with a rain screen, it provides superior bulk water drainage, vapor permeability, and durability, says the firm. The product features a high performance tri-laminate design with superior UV resistance versus typical weather resistant barriers. In addition, the product has a vapor permeability of 35 perms, and has been proven to increase tear and wind load resistance for jobs over 40 feet.

“FlatWrap UV is specifically intended for use with structures that incorporate open joint claddings, enabling moisture to drain effectively within a ventilated gap in the wall assembly,” says Tara Murray, marketing manager at Benjamin Obdyke. “This innovation will help extend the lifespan of modern architectural designs to benefit builders, architects and homeowners – at a fraction of the cost of typical commercial grade WRBs.”

Available in 500-square-foot for one-man installation, FlatWrap UV does not require seams to be taped and its black color makes it virtually invisible in an open wall assembly, according to the company.