Homes need to be protected from the elements during the building process, especially in inclement weather. Clients are often most concerned with what they can see on the exterior, but builders have to be vigilant of what's behind the walls too. Remodeling magazine's Marisa Mendez presents four shielding products that will keep homes protected:

  1. Fortifiber’s WeatherSmart Drainable’s patented channeling technology: The product flows liquid towards the ground to keep buildings dry and protect them from mold and rot. It can be used behind claddings such as fiber cement, vinyl, and wood.
  2. Environmentally Safe Products’ Low-E line of reflective insulation products: These contain a polyethylene core center bonded to polished 99.4% pure aluminum, which resists heat transfer as a result of convection, conduction, and radiation.
  3. BASF’s new MaxFlash liquid flashing membrane: The flexible and waterproof membrane is made from a one-component elastomeric material designed for use at rough openings. It can protect against rainfall immediately after being applied.
  4. Benjamin Obdyke’s Slicker HP Housewrap: This wrap combines a water-resistive barrier and rainscreen into one solution that is ideal for use with wood, fiber cement, stone veneer, and stucco cladding. The rainscreen also can be removed without compromising the housewrap element.
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