THE EXTRUDED POLYSTYRENE FOAM ASSOCIATION has launched a new Web site that aims to educate builders and architects about the benefits of using extruded foam-insulated sheathing. The site contains a detailed analysis of the product's energy-efficient and moisture-resistant benefits.

Susan Herrenbruck, the association's executive director, says the goal is to educate about energy efficiency and moisture control, especially as it relates to mold. “There is no product that has the answer to mold, but the best that a builder can do is keep out moisture. [Extruded polystyrene] insulates and helps minimize the potential for condensation.

The site contains a Department of Energy calculator that provides green building information about energy issues and will soon have a feature where builders can plug in the zip code of their projects and get the minimum energy performance requirements needed. Launched May 1, the site is the brainchild of three of the four primary polystyrene foam manufacturers. For more information about extruded foam-insulated sheathing, visit