By handling materials in a predictable, methodical way and recognizing the inevitability of delays, you can prevent a purchasing logjam when materials arrive on the building site. Here are a few tips to keep your jobsite humming.

  • PUT THE GLASS IN FAST. Windows should be installed the same day they arrive at the site to avoid breakage or theft.
  • ASK YOUR TRADES FOR BOTH GOOD AND BAD NEWS. Create a feedback loop with your trades to discover less costly (or more reliable) alternatives to materials and systems.
  • EXPECT OCCASIONAL PROBLEMS WITH ORDERS. Build in turnaround days in the schedule for replacement of damaged or improper materials that reach the jobsite.
  • URGE MANUFACTURERS TO EDUCATE AND TRAIN INSTALLERS. Would-be suppliers of commodity materials (such as insulation and drywall) would be wise to partner with trades known for their quality work. Decisions on products such as insulation and roofing often hang on the quality of installation.
  • CATCH DAMAGE AND MISTAKEN ORDERS BEFORE THE TRUCK LEAVES. Make sure the superintendent inspects deliveries quickly and carefully. Trouble that is missed here may become the builder's liability.