• Since its founding in 2002, Buena Vista has been on the fast track in the Pacific Northwest. The company expects to close at least 700 homes in 2006, a figure that more than doubles its 2005 closing of roughly 300 units.
  • Heavily entrenched in and around the Portland, Ore., area, Buena Vista expanded operations into both Tri-Cities, Wash., and Bend, in Central Oregon.
  • With an average sale price of $440,000, Buena Vista believes it fills a niche in the market by offering larger homes with greater levels of standard upgrades and amenities for the price.
  • Bottom Line Founder and president Roger Pollock says the key to Buena Vista's rapid growth has been its ability to deliver a product for the I-need-it-now buyer. “I believe that purchasing a home is much more of an impulsive decision that people give it credit for,” he explains. To capitalize on buyers' spontaneity, Pollock says the company does more spec building than other builders. “We don't play the upgrade game like other builders do,” he adds.

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    Phone: 503-443-6033

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