IBS and KBIS always start the year off strong with a parade of product reveals, but the excitement doesn't end there.

2014 featured a wide range of new product stories highlighting everything from smart water heaters to stylish ceramic tiles. After a year of exciting product debuts, we've rounded up a list of the 25 most-viewed product articles of 2014.

You loved the Daqri Smart Helmets that integrate Google Glass technology to create the hardhat of the future, which was the most popular product article on the site last year. Attention to home design trends made a strong showing as well—products for improving curb appeal and flooring finishes made the Top 5 on the list. 

Take a look back at the variety of stylish, well-designed products that were most-viewed on our site in 2014. Did any of your favorites make the cut? 

BUILDER's Top 25 Products of 2014
NumberProduct NameProduct Details
1Daqri Smart HelmetBUILDER's Product Details
2Outdoor Products to Brighten Curb AppealBUILDER's Product Details
3Concealed Deck Drainage SystemsBUILDER's Product Details
4Flooring Trends for 2014BUILDER's Product Details
5Orbital Systems Shower BUILDER's Product Details
6Editor's Picks From IBS and KBIS 2014, Day OneBUILDER's Product Details
7GeoSpring Water Heater BUILDER's Product Details
821 American-Made Products BUILDER's Product Details
9Best Products to Offer in a Design StudioBUILDER's Product Details
10Tool Backpacks BUILDER's Product Details
11Safety Products BUILDER's Product Details
12Outdoor Living Products for SpringBUILDER's Product Details
13Pure Genius Flooring BUILDER's Product Details
14IBS and KBIS 2015 Products Preview BUILDER's Product Details
15Caltech Solar-Powered Bathroom BUILDER's Product Details
16Fantastic Fireplaces BUILDER's Product Details
17Outdoor Products for SummerBUILDER's Product Details
18Ceramic Tile BUILDER's Product Details
19The Floor Plan AppBUILDER's Product Details
20Editor's Picks From IBS and KBIS 2014, Day Three
BUILDER's Product Details
21Editor's Picks: Water Heaters BUILDER's Product Details
22ISI Technology Heatworks Model 1BUILDER's Product Details
23Heated Jackets BUILDER's Product Details
24Residential Building Products BUILDER's Product Details
25LG Mega Capacity Door-In-Door Refrigerator  BUILDER's Product Details