Do you favor American-made products when possible? Do you take pride in the homes you build? Throughout the month of July, we’re inviting builders large and small to submit short videos spotlighting their made in America building practices.

Upload your video to YouTube and send the link to Sandra Malm at Then, we’ll promote your video on our site in a friendly competition for total views!

We’re looking for a 2-5 minute video that shows off your homes and represents your team. Take this chance to set loose your marketing interns, smartphone-savvy supers, or sales staff. Smartphone-quality videos are ideal for this fun summer promotion.

All new-home builders in the United States are eligible. Submissions end July 31.

Still not sure where to start? Try these templates:

Home Inspector: Send someone knowledgeable to walk us through your jobsite or model home, spotlighting locally sourced materials and made in America products as they go.

Ask around town: Interview a cross-section of your colleagues. Ask if they can identify a made-in-America product speced in your homes. Then discuss how decisions are made when it’s a matter of cost vs. conscience. Start with your president and end with your assistant supervisors, or vice versa.

Wild card: Surprise us! Our video team tells me 2-minute videos perform best overall, but we’ll accept entries up to 5 minutes in duration.