In 2012, the TetraGrip subfloor fastening system received the first  No Nail Squeak certification from the NAHB Home Innovation Research labs. Featuring a pneumatic coil nailer, TetraGrip uses a unique fastener with a barb-threaded design that rotates as it drives to bond with wood fibers. The system is designed to drive like a nail and hold like a screw, eliminating squeaky floors underfoot. Intrigued by the company's  “no callback” claims for the new technology, the team at Miller & Smith, a Virginia-based home builder, tested TetraGrip on the jobsite at Brambleton, a master planned community near Washington, D.C.

“We very quickly saw that TetraGrip is a better product than the approach of screws and glue,” said Scott Alford, vice president of production at Miller & Smith. “While it also lives up to its other promises, such as significant time and labor savings, our primary benchmark is always the quality of the end result. We haven’t had a single fastener-related floor squeak issue since we started using TetraGrip,” Alford stated.

Paslode is selling the system direct to builders. For more information about the TetraGrip Subfloor Fastening System, call 800-669-5228 or visit

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