A new add-on product seems like a must-have for anyone who has ever had to pay a visit to the toilet at night time.

GlowBowl attaches discretely to the toilet bowl, transforming a dark bathroom into a welcoming space even in the middle of the night. With a choice of seven vibrant colors, the product is designed to appeal to family members young and old--those just learning how to use the toilet and seniors who may need a guiding light for nighttime bathroom visits.

The motion-sensor night light works only when it is dark and has a five-stage dimmer to achieve the desired level of brightness, says the firm. Backed by businessman and former Shark Tank judge Kevin Harrington, GlowBowl became the No. 1 bestselling nightlight on Amazon in its first 60 days on the site and received a 4.5 star rating from Amazon users. Could it be a cool way to differentiate your bathrooms?