Standalone bidets have long been a common feature in European and Japanese homes and now a new concept makes them available to American bathrooms without sacrificing valuable floor space.

The iWash S-10 Bidet Seat from Icera is designed to convert traditional toilets into a bidet complete with heated seat, a warm air dryer and an LED nightlight. The unit also includes an instant water heating system that offers a limitless warm water supply in the price-range of competitor’s tanked models, which offer only 45 seconds of warm water.

This tankless model also features two power-saving modes and a seat sensor to ensure the unit will only operate when occupied avoiding unnecessary electricity usage. The iWash has a durable polypropylene body created to fit most standard elongated toilets and features a curved, soft-close lid and a ADA-compliant design (only 5 3⁄4" high) for a sleeker look, says the firm.

Functions include rear and front aerated wash capabilities, an oscillating wash option and adjustable water temperature, pressure and nozzle position. A convenient, wall-mounted remote control allows users to create their own personalized, automated wash-and-dry cycle initiated with just one touch. The iWash is available in white, retails for $699, and includes a limited three-year warranty.