As if some of the space and amenities featured in this house already aren't luxurious enough, there's an even higher level to be found in the master bath suite and the upstairs spa room.

The suite, an L-shaped space that occupies most of one end of the floor plan and extends around to the front elevation (no kidding, a closet on the street side), is buffered politely from the master bedroom by a vestibule, enabling one owner to get ready for bed late at night or for work in the morning—and even get to the rest of the house without having to walk back through the bedroom—without disturbing a sleeping spouse. Its clever arrangement aside, the master bath and closet is a true retreat and includes a handy coffee bar, generous and separate tub and shower, dual vanities, a private toilet and bidet closet, its own, full-size laundry equipment, and Imelda-level closet storage space and countertops for both him and her. No matter who's up first, he or she may take their time getting ready.

Also separated from disturbances is the spa room, located across the floor plan and upstairs, directly above the guest suite. Not only privy to a view of the lake from a private balcony large enough for a comfortable lounger, the spa room enjoys a full bath, ample space for a massage table and/or a pedicure station, and, perhaps most important, isolation from any activity elsewhere in the house.


  • CLOSET SYSTEM. Custom-made components from The Closet Factory make the storage space even larger.
  • COFFEE STATION. Dacor's 24-inch, built-in coffee station highlights the alcove's mini-kitchen setup, dispensing espresso, cappuccino, or water at the touch of a button. There's even an optional plumbed unit and an integrated milk dispenser for a true cappuccino.
  • ELEVATOR. Cutting-edge style, relative affordability, and the latest in lift technology combine in a residential elevator system from ThyssenKrupp Access Corp. that enables true aging-in-place.
  • CARPETING. A variety of rich carpeting from Shaw Industries adorns all of the bedrooms, the spa, and the home theater for a soft, quiet, and comfortable floor finish.
  • SKYLIGHTS. A reflective tubular skylight from ODL bathes the enclosed water closet of the master bath in daylight despite a 5-foot run from the roof.
  • ON-DEMAND WATER HEATERS. Rinnai Corp.'s tankless, on-demand water heaters, including one dedicated to the master bath, deliver a steady stream of hot water at the owner's ideal temperature (adjusted on a wall-mounted control box), saving energy, water, and operating costs. The system is especially effective for second or vacation homes as an alternative to letting water sit in a conventional heating unit.
  • PLUMBING FIXTURES. In addition to the shower tiles (see “Product Spotlight: Shower Tiles,” opposite page), Kohler Co. outfitted the entire bath with its Vessels Botticelli lavatories, overflow tub with BubbleMassage airjet technology, and Pin-stripe faucet collection, among other products and accessories.
  • CLIMATE CONTROL. Honeywell's wall-mounted Universal Mini-Zone control center provides micromanagement of the home's comfort level. PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT