The Great Escape

These five hot trends in kitchen and bath products can help you sell big in the new era of home as sanctuary.

By Katy Tomasulo

Trend 5: Splash of Color

Even with the popularity of stainless steel in the kitchen and simple designs throughout the bath, buyers are still looking to make a bold statement, even if only by creating a small focal point in the room. It's no longer tacky to add a splash of color with a bold blue refrigerator, a wild faucet, or an ornate pedestal sink. For now, the trend is mostly showing up in higher-end homes. But as trends trickle down, don't be surprised to find yourself installing a bright red range in an otherwise neutral kitchen.

Photo: Courtesy KitchenAid

True blue: Part of the company's Architect Series, this flush-to-cabinet trash compactor offers a 1.4-cubic-foot capacity, a 4-to-1 compaction ratio, and special sound insulation. In addition to stainless steel, the company offers a range of colored door panel options. KitchenAid. 800-422-1230.

Photo: Courtesy Moen

Appealing accents: The company has expanded its Asceri collection to include a range of unique trim accents, including Map, Hawaii, and Watercolor. The faucets utilize M-Pact, a common valve system that allows trims to be changed without altering the faucet plumbing. The Safari design is shown here. Moen. 800-289-6636.

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