It's unlikely to top the list of this year's hottest bath features, but here's one toilet that's guaranteed to be a conversation piece at parties—and perhaps a new form of water torture for the family cat. The Fish-n-Flush dual-reservoir commode features a 2.5 gallon functional tank, plus a separate 2.2 gallon acrylic aquarium tank that can be removed for easy cleaning without disrupting business. The aquarium tank accepts fresh or salt water, or can be left dry and used as a reptile terrarium.

Designed by AquaOne Technologies ( in partnership with a marine biologist, Fish-n-Flush comes complete with gravel, plastic plants, a dual filter system, LED lighting, a built-in feeder, fill valve, overflow tube, flapper, and suction pump. “We see the toilet serving as a great way to help [potty] train young children,” says AquaOne CEO Richard Quintana. Bonus: You won't have to travel far to bid farewell to the kids' pet goldfish when it meets its inevitable demise.