New Geberit pressure assist toilet redefines low consumption plumbing with an extra 6" to 9" of leg room.

MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA (April 2, 2002) — Geberit Manufacturing introduces a pressure assist toilet system that outperforms the gravity toilet.

Unlike floor-mounted pressure assist toilets, Geberit's new design calls for the PF2® engineered pressure vessel and Geberit's proven in-wall carrier system to be installed between the 16" CC 2 x 6 wall studs. This creates an extra 6" to 9" of leg room, as well as a much quieter flush than floor-mounted pressure or gravity models. Since the bowl doesn't touch the floor, cleaning under the bowl is quicker and easier, too.

In addition, the new pressure assist toilet provides stronger, more efficient waste extraction, reducing clogs and the resulting service calls. Double flushing is also eliminated, which saves up to 25% more water than conventional 1.6 GPF gravity technologies.

Operating off a 1/2" (nominal) water supply line with a minimum of 20 psi, Geberit pressure assist toilets generally can be installed in under an hour. No pumps or electrical connections are needed.

The wall-hung bowl requires no floor cutting or drop ceiling work, reducing both installation time and total installed cost.

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