High Sierra Showerheads has introduced its new 1.8 gallon-per-minute (gpm) showerhead fixture, which joins the company’s 1.5 gpm model in its line of water-saving shower devices.

The new showerhead is an efficient option for homeowners looking to cut down on water consumption and utility costs, using 25 percent less water than standard 2.5 gpm low-flow units, the company says. To optimize efficiency but still provide a satisfactory water flow, the nozzle uses High Sierra’s patented Full Coverage Spray technology, designed to deliver the water stream in a full and strong spray of large drops.

The 1.8 showerhead is well-suited for use with high wall-mounted showerhead arms, such as those 6.5 feet or higher above the shower floor, or for shorter individuals who stand far below their showerhead fixture. Typically, the greater the distance from the showerhead, the weaker the spray; the new, larger nozzle helps compensate for water lost to this extra distance to deliver a high-quality shower experience.

Laura McNulty is associate editor for Hanley Wood's residential construction group. Connect with her on Twitter @LMcNulty_HW.