These five hot trends in kitchen and bath products can help you sell big in the new era of home as sanctuary.

By Katy Tomasulo

Americans, already bogged down by hectic schedules, are facing ever more emotional challenges. The dulling economy and concerns about security have homeowners looking for an escape route, and many are turning to their homes for safety, comfort, and entertainment.

As people retreat, the desire for large, welcoming kitchens and inviting baths will continue to grow. Luxury products are still in demand but typically in the form of simple, modern designs. And while neutral colors and popular finishes like stainless steel are selling more than ever, home buyers are still looking for small ways to differentiate their homes from their neighbors.

Our advice? Keep a close eye on the unusual and unique, but don't stray too far from the pack.

Cozy Up

Shower Power

Fine Finishes

Steel the One

Splash of Color