LAS VEGAS -- When I was asked to make the grueling trip out to Las Vegas for the Kitchen/Bath Industry Show & Conference (K/BIS) by my bosses at BUILDER, I reluctantly said yes. I'm lying. Actually, I jumped at the chance; I'd never been to Vegas or K/BIS. I'd been told that I'd be impressed by both.

This year's show has engulfed the Las Vegas Convention Center's entire facility. And walking the three packed show floors has given me a reason not to go to the gym this week.

And then there have been all the celebrities: Prince, Carrot Top, Wayne Newton, and Rosanne Barr. I've seen them all. I mean, their billboards are everywhere. But the folks at K/BIS did their best to bring in their own celebrity types; especially at the kitchen booths.

On my first day of walking the floor, I witnessed a cooking demonstration by season one "Top Chef" contestant Lee Anne Wong. She made breakfast for the crowd on Samsung's New Kitchen Solutions line of products. Wong raved about the system's "different controls" and the steam-cleaning oven as she whipped up a breakfast salad (which I did not try, not because I didn't think it would be good but because the two words breakfast and salad should not be uttered in the same sentence).

My second day featured a stop at the TurboChef booth where Trotter's Executive Chef Charlie Trotter showed how fast food cooks in the TurboChef. This product can roast a 12-pound turkey in 42 minutes (compared to four hours in a conventional oven). The only flaw I see in owning a TurboChef is having to really pay attention to what you're cooking. The selling phrase "set it and forget it" definitely does not apply here.

Almost immediately after leaving the TurboChef booth, I ran into the GE kitchen display and one of my favorite cooking show chefs, Martin Yan" of "Yan Can Cook" fame. I caught him at the end of his cooking demonstration but rather than answering questions, he seemed more interested in selling his signature kitchen knife.

And although I didn't see him, one of my co-workers had a Bobby Flay sighting, so for the last day, I'll be on the lookout for Giada De Laurentiis, Rachel Ray, and Chef Boyardee.

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