Renters don't often get to choose their own energy source, but a start-up from Australia wants to change that.

Hana is a new program using Digital Solar, a start-up announced last last year that helps landlords decide how many solar panels they can install at their properties at an affordable rate, and then helps them distribute that clean energy to renters at a cost lower than the grid's energy. That's where Hana comes in:

To do this, it compares data on panel costs, solar production projections, electricity tariffs and the value sharing equation a landlord and tenant agree on. It then estimates expected installation costs, payback period, return on investment and the tenant’s savings against their grid electricity bill. the saving can be as much as $300 a year for tenants with a average house (no pool, no air-con) of four people, with an energy bill of $1,500 a year. If the house is larger and has air-con and/or a pool, the benefits are greater.

The firm claims the system will pay itself off in 4-5 years with a 15% ROI.

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