Our phones have more processing power than desktop PCs did a few years ago. As a result, builders are ditching their tool belts and downloading some of the most powerful tools on their devices.

Here are some of the highest-rated and most useful apps we've found that can make life easier on the construction site.

Construction Instruction (Free, iOS)

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Construction Instruction offers an array of high quality videos and articles with instruction on many construction projects. (See what they did there?) Search Ci's growing library of instruction and how-to content by product names, keywords, manufacturers, and more.

DEWALT Mobile Pro (Free, iOS)

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Everything you'll ever need in a construction calculator is offered with DEWALT's Mobile Pro app. The construction + scientific calculator is full of useful features and is a must-download for iOS users.

Bosch Toolbox (Free, Android, iOS)

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The Bosch Professional Toolbox app uses your phone's camera and turns it into one of the best camera measuring apps available.

sightLevel (Free, iOS)

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sightLevel turns your iPhone into a virtual laser level. The app can measure slopes accurately and is perfect for "professionals and weekend warriors alike."

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Andrew Knight is a content producer at Hanley Wood. Follow @AndrewKnight_HW.