When preparing to sell a home, replacing aging appliances could yield big dividends for homeowners, and the best time to buy new appliances is quickly approaching, writes MarketWatch staffer Amy Hoak.

But shoppers have to be smart about what they purchase regardless of the potential savings.

According to Kendal Perez, savings expert with CouponSherpa.com,shoppers can save money by bypassing models with unnecessary features, such as digital displays that can play streaming music. Skipping stainless steel appliances can also save money; stainless can increase the price by up to $150, she said. But if you’re thinking of home resale value, do this at your own risk: A recent Houzz survey found that 75% of recent homeowners who have recently completed a kitchen renovation — or are working on or planning one — prefer stainless steel. For comparison, 10% said they preferred white, 8% said black and 7% said another color.

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